Who We Are


Pharaohs Marketing Consultancies was established in November 2017 to support our customers' marketing policies and plans. Although this is a new establishment, Pharaohs Marketing Consultancies is an extension of the previous experience of two companies that have served many clients in different sectors and fields for many years (2003–2014).

Our History

In 2003, LionHeart For Marketing and Advertising was founded in Hurghada (Red Sea Governorate). It was established to provide its clients with what they may need to develop their marketing and support their promotional plans to increase their sales. LionHeart had the success of providing and sharing successful missions with its clients in various tourism sectors (hotels, restaurants, yacht companies, diving centers, etc.). LionHeart not only limited its activities in the Red Sea area, but also served many customers in the Governorates of Cairo and Alexandria.

In 2008, MediaPower was established in Sharm El Sheikh (South Sinai Governorate) as a link to the activities of Lion Heart in Sharm El Sheikh, which is a touristic area as well. MediaPower's activity was based on providing 2D–3D graphic designs, website design and development, online advertising, e-marketing, managing customers' accounts on social networks, providing technical support for the printing operation, and designing and developing tourist publications and magazines. MediaPower also had its own tourist publications.

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A New Start

After the revolution of January 2011 and the deterioration of the tourism market in Egypt at that time, we decided to stop the two companies in 2014, and we planned to have a fresh start with another success in Cairo.

In 2017, we decided to use the experience and the tools we had gained from LionHeart and MediaPower to start Pharaohs Marketing Consultancies.